Dancing for a Cause

Dancing for a Cause

On April 6 my Relay For Life team hosted a dancing with the stars-type of event. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event. Instead, I spent a grueling weekend at my mom’s, helping her through a difficult time following a brief hospital stay. The event went on without a hitch, and I understand the dancing was beautiful. Four couples competed for the Mirror Ball Trophy. Larry and Trisha stole the show–and the trophy–with the waltz. What chemistry! Sarah and Steve danced the Argentine Tango and took home “Fan Favorite”. Sarah is a Nurse Practioner at a local clinic and she’s terrific. It’s no wonder they’re everyone’s favorite! Hao and Shuang performed the American–as opposed to International–Foxtrot. They are new to the ballroom dance world but no one could tell. They were the youngest performing couple–too cute! The fourth couple took on the Cha Cha. Hanna is a local television celebrity and her fiance Paul sells cars. Oh my goodness, talk about charisma! And so it goes down in the record books as our first “annual”? dancing event. I’m not so sure about that, but I will certainly let you know. Enjoy the photos.

People Who Acce…

People Who Accept the Challenge

“Most people who succeed in the face of seemingly impossible conditions are people who simply don’t know how to quit.”

Macey and the squirrel channel

Macey and the squirrel channel

This has to be one of my most favorite photos. Not yet a year old, Macey finds fascination in watching the squirrels feed from the feeder attached to our tree. And all I had to do was move the ottoman in front of the window….



Enter the New Year with new perspective

I recently read an inspirational story by Mary Morrissey about a woman who had lived in the same neighborhood for many, many years. She saw the same people day after day, shopped in the same places. She essentially was living the same year over and over again. One New Year’s Eve this woman read a story to her granddaughter about a Native American elder who tells the children of his tribe that whatever animal they see on the first day of the new season would be thier guide for that year. You know what happened next–the little girl wanted to go outside and see her first animal of the new year! The woman and the child walked to the end of the street, and in each step the woman prayed they wouldn’t come up on a worm or a stink bug. Throughout the walk, the little girl pointed to things that caught her eye–the neighbor’s roses, and a small bike path that ran between the houses. The woman thought to herself that she had never noticed either of them before, had they always been there? As they walked down the path a stag bent his head and nodded to the woman and her granddaughter and the little girl was elated. “A magic deer! We saw a magic deer.”

The woman wondered how she could have lived in the same neighborhood for so many years and not seen the beauty that surrounded her. As we enter a new year of so many uncertainties about our nation and how the decisions of our government will affect our lives, our children’s and our neighbors’ lives, we still must pursue those things that give us life and that strengthen our faith. This year, don’t just look out the window and wonder. Step outside and let the sunshine hit your face. Blessings to you in 2013!

(You can find out more about Mary Morrissey at Dreambuilderprogram.com.)

Christmas in a Box

Christmas in a Box

With the exception of the chocolates, there is no food in this one. Holiday candle, tree ornaments, music, jigsaw puzzle all help to stuff this box for an appropriate gift when you’ve been invited to dinner or just to say “I’m glad we’re friends”.

Red White Blue

Red White Blue

Tight budget? This small bucket with a lid holds three bottles of a favorite beverage, two glasses and some snacks. And you can’t beat the color scheme!

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