Simply Precious

ImageSo is there anything more precious than a baby?  When my daughter was born, I was sure God had done his best dance.  Though a preemie, she grew up to be an intelligent, athletic, and beautiful young woman. Now she and her husband of three years have a daughter of their own.   What strikes me funny is that the patience we long for as young parents finally comes to fruition as grandparents!  Maybe you aren’t there yet, but it’s true.  The newest addition to our family is too new to test Grandma’s patience at any level.  But I have seven other step-grandchildren that range in age between 9 and 21, and what would have sent me over the top and searching for just the right punishment seems to have nestled somewhere between “just don’t do it again” and “I can’t believe MY grandchild could do such a thing”.  My husband told me I make a good grandma to his grandchildren, but it will be different when the grandchild is my own.  He was absolutely right.  I love all my grandbabies, but Baby Grace tugs at my heart in a different way, and much the same way that my daughter did when she was born.  I’m sure when the terrible 2’s set in my grandma patience will be tested.  But isn’t that when we spoil them, spank them softly and send them home?   


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