What Are You Thankful For?

We are just a week from Thanksgiving.  I’ve reached an age where I no longer have to be thankful for Black Friday.  I wasn’t ever thankful, really, just sporting enough and curious enough to get up and get out into the madness!  The kids are grown and I am thankful that whatever I did as a mother has enabled them to become responsible adults and respectable citizens in their communities.  I am old enough to know that learning about the latest and greatest in electronics is, well, it definitely falls into a generational gap for sure.  I am thankful for many things this year.  My daughter and son-in-law have graduated from college; I’m a successful church choir director; I have a good job, loving husband, and sound roof over my head. And at the end of the day, no matter what my day dished out, my cup still overflows.  So because I am so blessed, I want to share it with you by showing you a simple way to convey your love, say thank you,  send get well wishes, offer sympathy or just reach out to someone.  Nothing fancy about a bucket filled with snacks and a few brews or sodas, or a basket filled with someone’s favorit flowers and some gardening tools.  Let me show you the simplistic elegance in creating a wedding gift reflecting the bride’s tastes in colors and home decor.  When you step out the door headed for Thanksgiving dinner with the family, take along my “Pumpkin Tale” basket that includes seasonal flowers, candles homemade breads and Charlie Brown and the gang.  If you’re looking for something more “religious” or “inspirational”, don’t count me out.  I’ve done a meditation basket with teas, soft music, warm socks and a devotional.  It’s all possible.  And whether I use a wicker basket, a metal tin, a hat box, bank box, plastic bucket or baseball cap,  it’s not the container, it’s all in the giving.  Blessings. 


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