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I have created theme-based baskets for fundraisers ranging from Relay For Life to poker runs.  Inspiration for fundraisers comes easily to me because I truly enjoy giving my time, talent and energy for a cause.  And the rewards?  They’re endless!  I do, however, take great fun in making a basket for someone in particular, for a birthday or other special occasion.  My husband has been known to hear me laugh out loud while in creation mode.  Like the time I was working on a basket for a woman whose sister had ordered the basket as a birthday gift.  When I asked her what her sister was like, she said, “Oh she’s a….”, well, I shouldn’t use that word in my blog.  Let’s just say Maxine helped me out with that one!  Oh, and I can’t forget the pasta basket “Dinner for Two” that included the makings for a pasta dinner, complete with bread, wine and even dessert!  Did you say Game Day?  What young man wouldn’t enjoy a bucket of beer and snacks.  Or the golfer who’s celebrating a birthday beginning with 5–a big grin and a little red in the face says it all.  It’s fun, it’s therapy and it’s all in the giving.  From me to you. 


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  1. November 7, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    […] ribbons5 Welcome to my blog about giving. Not just anything, either. It's about giving a gift basket to a friend or loved one. This enterprise has been a win-win situation for the receiver and for me. I get to spend quiet time creating a gift specific to the receipient. But in doing that, I've meditated away the blues, some anxiety maybe, or just the stress of any given day. Take a look at my baskets, then email me and we can chat about your next gift. « Inspire Me […]

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